“Fast-paced, gripping, and romantic.” Publishers Weekly

“Lightning-paced . . . like a cinematic blockbuster.” Kirkus Reviews

“An exciting time-travel adventure complete with murderers to thwart and mysteries to solve.” Booklist

“Compelling.” School Library Journal

“An appealing romantic thriller, The Here and Now also serves as a potent reminder that we inherit the future we buy with our actions today.” —Cassandra Clare for The New York Times Book Review

“The Here and Now could just as easily sit among the time-travel sci-fi, coming-of-age, or romantic thrillers of YA. Honestly, even though I really don’t know how to categorize it, I loved it—and the ending made me hope (really, really hope!) for a sequel.” Happily Ever After/USA Today

The Here and Now is everything I love in books all rolled into one.” Pretty in Fiction

“Beautiful . . . I loved this book.” Storybook Town

“The writing was fantastic, the story was well-paced and exciting, and I loved Prenna and Ethan.” Pingwing’s Bookshelf

“This thriller/love story is one of the best time-travel books I’ve read.” 

“One of those books that makes me excited for reading . . . a must-read.” Once Upon a Twilight

“Here are some things I can count on from Ann: beautiful, flowing prose, chemistry between characters, that feeling of not wanting to put down her books for a second, and also, tenderness. I’m happy to say you can find all of these things in The Here and Now. In fact, those qualities were so strong in this book, I stayed up practically all night to finish it.” 
Rather Be Reading

“I loved this book so much . . . it went above and beyond my expectations.” Unbound Books

“I think I might have found my favorite young adult novel of 2014. I loved The Here and Now.” Girl Who Reads

“The characters were beautifully written.” Escapades of a Bookworm

“I liked this book! I couldn’t put it down, actually. . . . Who doesn’t love a good forbidden love story?” Fic Central

“If you love Divergent but are also a fan of Meg Cabot and previous Brashares novels like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, then The Here and Now is a book you should pick up right here, right now.”